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Date With a Devil

PDF There's the date from hell — the guy in a bad suit and toupee — and the hot date from hell. These men are waaay too tempting. One wicked, sexy grin and, well — who can resist! Certainly not these three women....

A spy should know better, but this spy gets stuck on a blind-date assignment with the ex-partner who broke her heart. A lot of making up can get done between scaling rooftops and dodging bullets. "Dance with the Devil" by Cherry Adair

A hostess discovers what it's like to really crash and burn on her first date with the undercover cop who's been casing her restaurant.... "Hal and Damnation" by Muriel Jensen

And if that isn't hot enough, what about a date from hell... literally. Satan at his seductive best! It's getting hot in here .... "Blind Date from Hell" by Anne Stuart

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