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Shot On This Site

PDF Even though we can't just drop in on our favorite stars, we can do the next best thing - visit the sites, locations, and buildings featured in classic movies and television shows.What die-hard fan hasn't wanted to vistit the Carrington mansion?The Ponderosa ranch?Mary Tyler Moore's apartment in Minnesota?Those bridges of Madison County, Iowa?

Find out all about these sites and many more:

Ferris Beuller's high school The high school featured onThe town terrorized in The BirdsThe diner where Meg Ryan "faked it" in When Harry Met SallyThe Cheers barAll those sleepless sites in SeattleThe dramatic San Francisco locales from VertigoThe Field of Dreams baseball diamondShot On This Site is an essential travel guide to locations all over the United States.It includes hundreds of photos, driving information, visiting hours (where appropriate), and insightful sidebars.

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