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A Pixel in a Greater Picture

PDF All churches want to transform people. The challenge is that the "transformational journey" of the Christendom era that ended in the 20th century no longer works for 21st century people. Today, multitudes of spiritual seekers have already embarked upon a different journey. The baffled Churches of Christ have mapped out a transformational journey, but more and more people opt out or never start. Christian leaders may cynically believe nobody takes an interest in spiritual growth, but they're wrong. Lots of people are interested in spiritual growth. They just go about the journey in a different way.

If evangelicals are interested in reaching the largest segment of our population they're going to have to carefully consider what kinds of evangelistic approaches best work in a postmodern world.In this groundbreaking book Peatross offers practical advice to Christians who have been trained to do ministry in a world that no longer exist.

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