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The Season of the Unholy Moon

PDF A US Air Force officer is found murdered in his home, the apparent victim of an officer under his command. It seems to be a fairly simple open and shut case until the suspect's wife drops a bombshell. The killer may be 'possessed' by the spirt of an ancient relic. Is this murder the result of a demonic possession or just an act of revenge? Major Bass, an investigator in a unique US Air Force unit that investigates paranormal sightings and occurrences, is faced with the task of resolving this question. But as he pursues the killer, questions arise. Is the deceased Colonel the only intended victim or is this just the start of a murderous rampage? And is the suspect a psychotic killer or is he truly possessed by an ancient spirit? And as Major Bass investigates the case, he not only has to sort out the potential demon possessing the suspect but also confront the 'demons' from his own past.

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