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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

PDF This bood starts off with a war that happened a long time .then a king had a baby but the New people would come after him so he gave her s kid to a man to keep him safe.the kid was dieing so he had a sword put in a rock of magic.he said "the person that can pull this sword out would came come the king.thousands of man could not do it .but a king came out of no where pull out the sword.after everyone said calling him King Arthur of Camelot.the Arthur fight his first war and won where one was celebrating then one day a wizard name merline came and told him he did a stronger sword that would not break he told him about Excalibur,I sword that would not break.they want to a cane to get Excalibur from the lady of the lake.she gave him the sword after that he never lost a war with Excalibur.but then his friend Lancelot got kidnapped they took him to a old place to fight to be free.he fought everyone then get got out and made his way back to King Arthur.he told him the story then a cup came out of no where.people wanted the cup,the lady of the lake him to them and told galaned to come with him to keep the Grail in a new place.after a year a war broke out King Arthur and his man was losing what where the going to do?

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