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In the Shadow of History

PDF The book I read has this title, but is by another author,
Ludmilla Nusinov Jasenovic.It has no ISBN number, but was published in 1994 in Seminole, FL.
The subheading is "A Woman's Journey to a Free Life," and this is her memoir.

She was born on a ship in 1919 on the Black Sea during her family's escape of the Russian Revolution in the
former Yugoslavia.
She describes her experiences of determination and survival during a world war, a civil war, and the communist regime that takes her through Austria, Canada, North Carolina, Washington, DC, and eventually Florida.
This is where my mother must have heard her speak at the local public library.Her heritage is also from Croatia, and there lies the common thread.

Ludmilla's english doesn't flow, and at times made this difficult to read. Perhaps a more rigorous editing was in order.But an interesting life story, all the same.

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