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Canada vs. United States

PDF An irreverent, tongue-in-cheek comparison between the societies and cultures of Canada and the United States, with the author shamelessly claiming his country is better...even though he loves a lot about America (like Borders and Barnes and Noble; honestly, he loves them).

Canadians have fought in the toughest, most dangerous areas of Afghanistan for the current ongoing conflict, and back in World War Two, by the end of D-Day, Canadian troops had penetrated deeper into France than either the British or the Americans at their landing points. They warmly welcomed Americans with gourmet meals and fresh clothes when their planes were diverted to Newfoundland because of 9/11. Some of the most powerful players in Hollywood are Canadian, and Canadians rock...literally with hit after hit on the music charts, whether it's jazz, country, pop and even classical. Canadians even live longer!

A book that's a handy reference guide for any debate in a Detroit bar or a British Columbian campground between two allies.

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