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The Golden Eagle

PDF I didn't realize that this was a fictional story about an eagle so I began reading with trepidation, but I was overall very pleased and drawn into this story.It was well written and very interesting.I'm a falconer myself and the facts were all correct.I would say that it would be a great nature story to read with your children, but there are a few issues that make me cautious about that.1. It was written in the 60s so there is a lot of shooting of wild animals that may be upsetting.It's a part of life that things are killed but for kids who aren't ready to deal with it, be careful.2. The ending is very sad.The events can definitely be interpreted as a warning to respect and cherish nature but I was a bit let down.I would have enjoyed if the man who owned the cabin had taken Kira up for falconry.Considering this was written by a falconer I was expected it to go in that direction.I also expected the story to have Kira eventually raising her own nest but she didn't get that chance.3. There is a LOT of lengthy description about the mountain range and other natural features that can get quite lengthy.

I enjoyed all of these features and understood them in their context, but for a kids' recommendation they give me pause.Overall I enjoyed this read and think it's a worthwhile recommendation.:)

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