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SILVER (The Outlier Trilogy, #1) (Silver, #8)

PDF 2349 CE

In Mercia, only one law prevails: lex talionis, the law of retaliation.

Upon crash landing in the English wilderness while en route to London, it doesn’t take long for Ella ‘Silver’ Cross—accompanied by her husband, Alex, and best friend, Luka—to realize they’ve arrived in a country fragmented by civil unrest.

Caught up in the tit for tat politics between several warring militia factions and an ostracized group of people called the Deltas, the impromptu rescue of a London woman who’s being held captive by an outlying branch of the Mercian militia proves to be anything but straightforward.

She’s a wanted woman—in more ways than one—and this spontaneous act of human kindness is set to be the catalyst for great change in the lives of all concerned. It might even spell the end of Silver and Alex’s marriage.

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