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The God Particle Bible

PDF This book is for anyone who has ever wondered why major events take place in their lives for which there seems to be no explanation. The explanation is clear now thanks to the discovery in Geneva Switzerland in 2012 using the most expensive scientific apparatus in history, the Large Hadron Collider, to discover the God Particle. God is no longer just a myth and part of a mythology, no longer is God based on fairy tales, or stories in children's books. God is now based on the best Scientific exploration that is possible using the human mind. The God Particle, it turns out is the most basic fundamental force that makes everything in the universe happen according to a plan.

Since the discovery of this amazing new energy, we now have at our disposal a pathway to finding our source. Since the God Particle was the first thing created by the Big Bang and since it gives everything else in the universe it's mass, the stuff that makes things matter, it is simple logic to see that the God Particle Field is the way that God promulgates his will all over the universe. That means these particles are constantly working to create all of our life's events in such a way that follows God's laws, especially the ones we call the Laws of Physics.

The good news is that anyone can understand these laws and use them to their own advantage. You don't need a Ph.D in any scientific discipline to fully appreciate these concepts. All you need is a little bit of curiosity as to how the universe works and your place in it.

The God Particle Bible is a new Book that will take you on an adventure in Science where they have proven the existence of God. Not only has Science proven the existence of God in the manner of the discovery of the God Particle, but they have shown us how God works his miracles in our daily lives.

This book, authored by noted Science Fiction writer, Michael Mathiesen is the first of its kind to describe not only how God works, but also where God lives. The author presents us with an entire new form of "Technology" that anyone can learn to use to exploit the greatest Force in the universe, to alter one's fate or change their own destiny as well as the destiny of our entire civilization. The "Force" mentioned in Star Wars actually exists. It has now been proven to exist. The God Particle Bible is the first primer on how to use 'The Force' to benefit the individual life as well as the life of the planet and all future generations.

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