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Small Bunny's Blue Blanket

PDF Some of the most anxious moments I've had as an adult have been related to my teddy bear. Specifically, they've been related to putting Bear in the wash. I've had him since I was about 18 months old, which means he's approaching the ripe old age of 27 this year. That's a long time in teddy bear years. Bear gets washed once per year, maybe twice if I can bring myself to do it. I sleep using him as my pillow, so I realize that's pretty gross. However, he's 27 years old, and the washer is a violent, terrifying place. He lost his bow tie in my mom's big ol' front loader a few years ago and I was crushed. I imagine he wasn't too thrilled either, in his precious little toy-soul, because that jaunty red tie was his only piece of clothing. Anyway, while Bear has adjusted to life as a nudist, I've started wrapping him in a hooded sweatshirt every time I put him in the wash. I am completely convinced that this is the only way to prevent the loss of his nose or one of his eyes. He's not in bad shape...but he's 27, man.

All this being said, I really identified with Small Bunny in this story. Having the inanimate object that you love most in the world go through the wash (and dry! The dryer is horrible too!) cycle is pretty nerve-wracking. And even though your most loved inanimate object probably smells a lot better afterward, it still takes time to get over that anxiety. I feel your pain, Small Bunny. I really feel you.

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