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Lucky Lady

PDF On March 19, 1945, a Japanese bomber screamed toward the USS Franklin and dropped two 500-pound bombs through the ship's decks, killing hundreds of officers and enlisted men in just the first few moments, and thrusting the lives of nearly 3,000 other American seamen and aviators into mortal danger. As the Franklin listed dangerously near capsizing, the light cruiser USS Santa Fe, nicknamed the Lucky Lady, bellied up alongside her flaming hull and attempted the most daring rescue in U.S. naval history. Lucky Lady recreates the legendary World War II careers of the Franklin—the most decorated naval vessel of the war—and the Santa Fe—unparalleled in frontline service and avoiding casualties—through the eyes of the men on board. Perspectives range from the highest levels of rank and flying altitude to deep within the ships' bowels. Through the bloody years of the Pacific campaign—from Pearl Harbor to the Philippines to the waters just off the coast of Japan, and finally the decimated city of Nagasaki—the crewmembers encountered all the circumstances of war. Now in paperback, this book will be cherished by readers of military history as a fitting tribute with stirring echoes in our present time. Photographs are featured.

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