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I Coulda Caught That Pass!

PDF Highly recommended for anyone who has ever played fantasy football.This book chronicles one season in the author's league, from the draft through the end of the playoffs.

Pearson's prose reminds me of Dave Barry, the noted humor columnist and novelist from Miami.Both with hilarious commentary on the actions of the managers and funny asides, Pearson had me laughing out loud so much in the first few chapters that my wife, who was trying to read her own book across the room, was giving me the evil eye and telling me to keep it down.He doesn't miss a beat or a joke in the introduction and draft recap chapters, poking fun at the idea of fantasy football in general and how seriously (or not) some of the other managers take it.He knows just how many times to return to a joke in the right places to get another laugh without over doing it.

The middle of the book necessarily becomes a recap of each week of the season, and so more space is spent chronicling the exploits of the real football players and going over the rules and procedures of a fantasy football league's operations.It remains an enjoyable read, though those with actual fantasy football experience will probably get more out of it, being able to appreciate the gamesmanship and drama of the season as well as the humor.There are still plenty of laugh out loud moments, including several recurring bits and one moment that made me laugh so loud I think it actual did provoke my wife to do physical violence upon me (the Week 8 paragraph when Pearson imagines the worst way to lose a fantasy football game).

The book even provides some drama and tension in the playoffs.(view spoiler)

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