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The True-Or-False Book of Dogs

PDF They howl along with our singing, ward off strangers with their fierce barking, and welcome us at the door before we reach it. The animal-loving duo who created "The True-or-False Book of Cats" and "The True-or-False Book of Horses" teams up once again, this time to pay homage to our canine companions. In her accessible true-or-false format, Newbery Honor author Patricia Lauber enlightens the curious. She tells the whole story — how certain wolves became dogs and how dogs became specialized while retaining wolflike traits. Rosalyn Schanzer shows forty different breeds of dog here — as well as several mixed-breed varieties. With her caring touch, she captures the qualities that make us love them so.

Whether you' re the proud owner of a St. Bernard or dream of adopting a chihuahua, this book is for you. The friendship between you and your dog carries on a relationship that has lasted for thousands of years.

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