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The Way We Wore

PDF I love the idea of this book, capturing every day Black folk who happen to look fabulous. Overall I enjoyed the pictorial. I would have appreciated it more if
1.) there had been more commentary or interviews with those pictured to find out more about their style
2.) if it had included more Black style icons (how can there only be one picture of Andre Leon Talley? And no Diana Ross?)
3.) I think more commentary of Black aesthetic style - What might it be? How does it connect us to Africa and the Diaspora? How has it evolved?
4.) More images from the '90s and the present day and some hints at how Black style may evolve over the next decade.
5.) Some history about how Black style has influenced the fashion-industry and U.S. style.

Even without these things, it's still a solid book - and I get a great delight in seeing folks of looking fab. Of course, for some of us, this is like looking through a family album. The commentary, interviews, and history might have made the book more than a family album and more of a real treatise on Black American fashion through the decades.

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