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When You're the Only Cop in Town...

PDF Debra Dixon is best know for her writing guide "GMC: Goal, Motivation & Conflict," but she also wrote this book with her father, an experienced law enforcement officer who spent almost 20 years as police chief in a small town.

I enjoyed reading this book. The tone was folksy and what you most get from it is the feeling of what it's like to, as the title says, literally be the only cop in a small town. Having lived in a relatively small tourist town for a while, what he wrote rang true.

The biggest problem is with specifics. For one thing, the book is ten years old and things have changed. I also noted a couple of things that were probably true in the state where he worked, but are not true either in the town where I used to live or the state in which I currently live. It's always best to check with local law enfacement when writing a book, since laws and procedures vary a lot from one state to another.

Since it's privately published, it's relatively expensive. I would have preferred a POD or ebook copy that cost half as much, but there is none available. I'll mostly be using this for the social aspects of small town law enforcement and, for that, it's adequate.

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