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The Tiger's Passion

PDF [b]From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Jessica Ryan...[/b]

Morgan O'Connor's life has fallen back into place perfectly. She has a great job and her rocky past has finally been put to rest. Oh and she also has the love of a wonderful and sensual man named Levi, who just so happens to be able to shift into a tiger whenever he feels like it.
But now it's Levi's past that's creeping up this time and threatening to ruin the happiness they've built together.
Mysterious murders, shady government agents and a militant anti-shifter group all converge at once to tear Morgan and Levi apart. Can they make it out alive and together?

[b]Falling Apart Again is the SECOND in The Tiger's Passion series.
It contains mature content and is intended for readers 18+. [/b]

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