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Ripley's Special Edition 2015

PDF My girlfriend got me this as a Christmas present (should I break up with her?). It seems more designed for an easy read for young kids. I told her I could have written this crap myself. There's less than 150 pages, with about 2 or 3 cool things per page. I could probably make a blog and come up with more cool shit than this over a year's time. (I can't see myself bothering with it though).

There were a few interesting things in the book, but it's filled with stuff we've all seen before. Take the cover as an example... 'Oh, wow... some dude cut his tongue and tatooed his face like some asshole so he could look like a green person... oh, wait... he's supposed to be a lizard man... cool...".

I suppose you already know if you're interested in this book. Even if you are interested in the book I think it would be nice if it had more content. I mean it only took me about 30 minutes to read the whole book, so it doesn't even hold up as a coffee table book.

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