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Living in a World of Green

PDF Arctic hares actually change the color of their fur to match the season. Decorator crabs cover themselves with seaweed and other materials that make them nearly invisible on the ocean bottom. Chameleons at rest blend with their surroundings, but they can change the color of their skin at will—displaying bright yellows and oranges to attract a mate or scare an enemy. These are just a few of the many incredible ways that animals use camouflage to survive in their habitats. Sometimes survival means blending in to avoid the gaze of an enemy. Other times, camouflage enables an animal to lie in wait for a surprise attack on its prey. No matter how an animal uses its special appearance or abilities, each creature has adapted its behavior to perfectly suit the world in which it lives. The Living in a World Of series offers a unique view of how animals are shaped by their habitats and how they have adapted to survive within them.

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