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The Trouble with British Lords (The Trouble Series, book 12)

PDF London England, 1812

Jocelyn Ramsey, an American, is new to London society and when her aunt and uncle introduce her to the Ton, Jocelyn makes a splash and it’s far from socially acceptable kind. In the midst of her social faux pas, Jocelyn meets a knight in shining armor and everything changes for her but is she ready for that change? She’s finding the trouble with British Lords is they are never predictable.

Cameron Rutledge is the Duke of Chattaris and he is instantly charmed by the little American beauty and can’t understand why she seems ambivalent to his advances. She intrigues in and the more time he spends with her, the more he wants her. He’s not about to let this woman walk out of his life. He doesn’t care what trouble he has to go through to get her.

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