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The Odyssey

PDF The Odyssey is your conventional epic not only does it bring to you a genuine feeling that Odysseus needs to go home but it also gives you a thrill when your reading and a talk about a god or a goddess. Although his journey home is interrupted by a 10 year detour he still longs for the sight of the land he rules, and for the queen he left at shore and to prove his worth to the almighty god poseidon his biggest adversary he must pace all of the trials and tribulations the gods will him through, although not all want him lost at sea, he surpasses all you could possibly have for this poor soul. Odysseus also has a thirst for blood seeing that war is what got him into this mess in the first place he ought to want to keep from having casualties right?
No of course not let us go into this cave stab a cyclops’s eye and escape, oh there is a giant squid here? Lets try and spear it!, Suitors in my house? Murder it is! Odysseus is the classic cereal killer wanting a certain thing and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Although besides that minor detail if you are a fan of but not limited to: grecian culture, action beyond your mildestdreams, Heroic scenes, love scenes (pg13 of course), and of homecomings then this 24 part series would be a great fit for to read. This book also touches a lot into grecian culture between Xenia (law of hospitality) and nostos (Homecoming) you can also see the differences men and women had during that period. Men could go where ever whenever no questions asked do anything or anyone and that was okay but women were stuck at home unless of course out with their husband doing chores at home and it was frowned upon for them to sleep with anyone besides their husbands. Anyway it was a good book and you should go and read it.

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