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Ashes to Ashes

PDF Book 8 of the series.
Sam and Richard stepped out of the lift. The corridors of the complex looked like a body-littered obstacle course. The walls and floors stained red with the blood of her victims. Where had her strength come from? It was the worst carnage the Triplets had dealt with to-date. How could one woman cause so much destruction and why?
The medical lab was dark. With the beams from their torches, James and Gary searched for survivors. James sensed Candice was in there somewhere. Broken glass and debris hindered him, but it was the body he fell over that made his heart stop.
GW Forrest has changed, and not for the better. What hidden force fed his new persona? Who exactly was he, and why wouldn’t he stay dead?
In Chichen Itza, under Forrest’s employ, José Vasquez and his brother Pedro headed a large archaeology team searching for a back entrance to Ian and Andrew’s time tomb. Why hadn’t they used the same entrance as Ian and Andrew? What secrets did the Mayan tomb hold that had prompted Forrest to leave his ‘beloved’ wife, Comtesse D’Vincent with less than the bare essentials, in a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona? With nowhere to turn, Comtesse D’Vincent called upon the code of The Order. Who answered her call, and why had they been so amused at her predicament?
Of the large team that had gone inside the pyramid, only two were still standing, trapped and left for dead. Upon sight of him, the two men had bowed before Jared as though he were a god. Why? Was it because they believed he was a monster like the Others?
What did the Dine’é Yá show Sam that changed his entire outlook on life? Who is Elle and what did she have to do with Sam and Juanita? Why had Sam been willing to undergo excruciating pain for Elle? Because of what had happened in the pyramid, would Sam lose his dancing aqua eyes?
A man from the other side returned with a cryptic message for Rich. What was it and what did it mean? Gary and Sarabeth had been there with Rich. Who was the messenger, and why had Rich been the only person allowed to see him?

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