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PDF America's fearless freewheeling satirist is back!Simon Plaster's BALLS will surely cause a rumpus on the campus and leave 'em laughing all the way to the end zone!

BALLS tells a satirical tale of feminist revolution sweeping down the plain to uproot an all-male Oklahoma Institute of Correctology (OIC):

* OIC's new Dean, Ester Frigg, charged with overseeing the institute's admission of women, is confronted by various challenges, including those posed by radical feminist "Ballsheviks" led by G.G. Carpenter, editor of an online news site, Femichismo!

* Veteran journalist, Shatner Lapp, intent on reclaiming the civil rights victimhood narrative for oppressed African-American men, embeds himself in OIC; and ends up in the dock of a kangaroo court mandated by feminist Title IX administrators in Washington.

* Other males, including OIC football coach, Buster Downs, and aspiring gridiron hero, Leon Corn, also run afoul strict new bureaucratic rules and loose definitions of sexual assault aimed at reining in the "rape epidemic" said to victimize 1 out of 5 women in college. And Henryetta "Somebody," small town newspaper reporter, again finds herself in the middle of a big national story.

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