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Thomas Berry's Sacred Surround

PDF This is the first book to offer an introductory overview of the thought and spirituality of Catholic “ecologian” Thomas Berry. The first part introduces the reader to Berry’s work, tracing his development as a traditional scholar of Asian religions at Fordham University during the Sixties, to his emergence as one of the leading voices of the spiritual ecology movement, “an American original, a cultural prophet in the style of Isaiah pleading the case for the restoration of the natural world on behalf of its non-human inhabitants." The introduction examines Berry’s critique of industrial culture, and his call for a new creation story, based upon contemporary cosmology, which locates the divine at the heart of creation and sees all of the natural world as sacred.

The second part of the book looks at his proposal for a new “ecologically sensitive” spirituality which, along with the New Story, is meant to recast Christian doctrine and make it more relevant and responsive to the planetary crisis.

A final chapter describes the contemplative “Program of Trusteeship” developed by writer and spiritual teacher Eknath Easwaran at the University of California, Berkeley during the Sixties, as a working model of Berry’s new spirituality.

A foreword is contributed by Father Jim Conlon, director of the Sophia Center at Holy Names University, Oakland, California, a graduate program in Culture and Spirituality based on the work of Thomas Berry.

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