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Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby (A March of Dimes Book)

PDF Having a baby is one of nature's true blessings and miracles. And yet when it comes to getting the facts about pregnancy, it becomes complicated. What you want to have at your fingertips is the most accurate, accessible, up-to-date pregnancy health information available. And now you do.

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby is a no-nonsense, fact-based guide that empowers every mom-to-be. The choices you make, starting now, can have a major impact on your pregnancy and your baby's health. No matter where you start, these clear explanations, research-based advice, and smart recommendations from a leading expert will provide everything you need to know to have a smooth, energetic, joyful pregnancy.

Brought to you by the nation's most trusted source on pregnancy, the March of Dimes, which has devoted billions to support scientific research and discover the best health practices for babies and moms, Healthy Mom, Health Baby is the essential guide for any mom-to-be.

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