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PDF I was fortunate enough to be sent a free download of "Perspectives" by Darcia Helle, in exchange for an honest review. This is a collaboration of efforts; a series of photos that became the basis or the inspiration for the writing of twelve short stories. These short stories are written by two renown authors; Darcia Helle is an American writer and Maria Savva is a British writer. Martin David Porter is the British artist, who produced the photos, and came up with the idea or concept. The images are superb and give value to the story.

While the writing style of both writers is different, the message is clear. The reader is presented with twelve moments in time...all being enjoyable. I particularly liked "The Ocean's Song", "Repercussions" and "A Different Perspective". We all will take from these stories what is of meaning to us, based on our perspective, and allow it to be filed away in our memory, for reflection.

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