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The Sandbox, Stories of Human Spirit and War

PDF Mike Liguori is a former United States Marine and veteran of the Iraq War. His short story memoir “THE SANDBOX:Stories of Human Spirit and War” chronicles Mike’s two tours in the Al Anbar Province, as well as his struggle coming home from service, his personal battle with PTSD and finding a purpose after war. He is active in the veteran community through advocacy events ranging from lobbying veteran legislation on Capitol Hill with Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) to speaking on numerous panels about veterans in today’s society. Mike has also contributed to the development of the San Mateo County Veteran Treatment Court which provides veterans rehabilitation through court mandated programs and peer mentorship.

He’s been featured in multiple articles from CBS to independent political news outlet Raw Story about his personal experiences. Featured internationally, Mike’s interviews include Amplify, Your Voice for Healthy Living, Metro Networks,, Comcast’s Upside Show, and NPR Affiliate KQED in San Francisco.

“…Mike Liguori’s writing is sharp, hard hitting and has that rare ability of putting the reader in the moment.”

-Paul Rieckhoff, Founder/Executive Director, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

“Mike Liguori makes us see that the courage it takes to fight a war is quite modest compared to the enormous courage it takes to survive a war...”

-Gerald Nicosia, Author HOME TO WAR: A History of the Vietnam Veterans’ Movement, 2001 "best books" Los Angeles Times.

"The Sandbox: Stories of Human Spirit and War, written by Mike Liguori, is an outstanding chronicle of his attempts to fight the war in Iraq and on the home front."

"Liguori explains in detail through his personal story how PTSD is very treatable. This book is a must read because Mike shows for all those with PTSD that there are success stories and he is not afraid to discuss his journey from defeat to triumph."


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