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Dirty Shorts

PDF Funnier than a fart in a phone-box, this collection of exceedingly short stories should be painstakingly written out using chilli-sauce for ink, in tiny letters, onto the sides of extra-large condoms — used ones I found at your mum's house — then shoved fair up the clacker of Australia's Prime Minister Teeny Tiny Tony Abbott.

However, as most of us won't get the opportunity to do that, the best use for these stories might be to put on a proud and happy voice, and read them out to the whole extended family next Christmas, making sure Granny Smith and crabby Aunt Beryl have their hearing aids turned on, thus ensuring you'll never be invited back again.
You will then be allowed to enjoy every future Christmas at home alone, reminiscing with the cat, the rooster, and a private dick called, ummm, Dick.
Not bad for under a buck, hey!

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