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Colonial Home

PDF Bobbie Kalman's acclaimed Historic Communities Series provides a close-up view of how people lived more than two hundred years ago. Colorful photos, many taken by Bobbie Kalman herself at restored historic villages across the country, help support the fascinating information. Children will have fun learning about:
— early homes and the settler community
— what people wore and the crafts they made
— how settlers made their living
— how they spent their leisure time
— the values, customs, and traditions of the early settlersTake a tour of the Colonial Home of the 1600s and 1700s. England, France, and Spain all had colonies in the New World and immigrants were drawn to North America where land was inexpensive, and people had religious freedom. Get a glimpse of:
— the kitchen, the fireplace, the bedchamber
— dependencies, or outbuildings, as well as buildings for animals
— how metal and bricks were made
— the plantation and its slave quarters

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