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Burnt Norway

PDF Paul Mullen wants to tell the tale of how he created hs second novel.After all, he wasn't having the time of his life before he decided to write Burnt Norway.His first novel was a financial distaster; his wife left him; and his son seemed unable to communicate anything other than the plots of anime cartoons.Then he got an idea.And then he got a sabbatical.

As Paul struggles to make use of his time, his extremely liberated—and way too forgetful—agent keeps handing him new imperatives.At her urging, he turns his book into a sea adventure.He changes his characters from Norwegians to Danes to Finns, and then back to Norwegians.He spends hours emailing a Scandinavian Studies professor in Oregon; he flies to New York to attend drunken publishing parties; he argues with his ex-wife; and always—always—he scrounges for more information on Norway, especially from his son's Summer Vacation 3rd Grade workbook. Does Paul finish his novel?Does he find a publisher?And is it possible he's fallen in love?

John Vanderslice's novel mixes together a little bit of everything—Yu-Gi-Oh foolishness, daring on the high seas, Nazis, blunderbusses, Thor Heyerdahl, legendary NYC delicatessens, and the brave new world of Google—to form a hilarious metafictional brew.

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