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Prelude to Leadership

PDF This is the quick, unabridged, and insightful diary of "Jack" F. Kennedy during the obscure years between his emergence as a Pacific War hero from a wealthy, connected family to the struggle in the years before his presidency. Surprisingly, these are the only known writings of Kennedy during this period of his life, and the journal consists of the writings, thoughts, and notes he took of war-devastated Europe on his European tour in 1945 with Ambassador Forrestal, a family friend. Ever-curious, with a wry humor and a knowledge of European politics inspired by his role-model, Winston Churchill, travel with the legendary JFK as he jots down observations and events on the state of torn Berlin, the Potsdam conference, and Hitler's "Eagle Nest." For the effects of this tour on his famous presidency, learn of his critical relationships with important figures such as Eisenhower and De Valera, prime minister of neutral, republican Ireland, and countless more.

Prelude to Leadership will reveal the true politics and relationships between Russia and the U.S. in the tense build-up to the Cold War from a privileged young journalist's point of view. Before this book, I had never thought past WWII and the beginning of the Cold War; however, Kennedy's journal aptly describes war-torn Europe. I recommend this to anyone even slightly interested in world politics and history!

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