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Ike and Mamie, the Story of the General and His Lady

PDF David Lester is the guitar player in the Vancouver, Canada based band Mecca Normal, as well as a painter, graphic designer and publisher at Get to the Point Press. Mecca Normal's lyrics are written and performed by Jean Smith, who explores themes of social injustice, feminism and anti-authoritarianism.

Lester met Mecca Normal bandmate Smith in 1981 while the two were working together at a Vancouver newspaper. As a result of their collaboration, Mecca Normal is considered a forerunner and an inspiration to the 1990s politically-charged riot grrrl and D-I-Y movements.

Since 2002, Lester and Smith have been co-presenting an art exhibit, lecture and performance event called How Art & Music Can Change the World in classrooms, art galleries, rock venues, youth centres and at Vancouver's International Peace Forum in 2005.

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