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Death Rides a Carousel

PDF Murder stalks the streets of an Ohio River Valley town

When Dan Starling began his trip to Europe, he never expected to end up back in the Midwest.But the news of the untimely death of his twin brother, Jim, brings him back to Indiana and back to a world where little, if anything, makes sense.

When he arrives, the local sheriff informs him that Jim's death was caused by a hit-and-run driver, the funeral is over - and the body is lost!

Thus Dan's wild ride on death's carousel begins. But unlike a happy merry-go-round, this carousel of death is actually an industrial machine that fires loads of buckshot to clean newly made machine parts.And someone is using it as a grisly and hideous tool for murder.

The long-term loyalties and hatreds, political corruption, and eccentricities and intrigue of small-town life are the backdrops for this book of murder where we least expect it - "down home."

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