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Forbidden - short story

PDF I was told to read this from a friend of mine... I will call her K.She told me since I use her pen name as the name on my facebook (I don't like using mine at all, but my name is Suzanna) That I should after reading this go to goodreads and review.She told me that this was something I would like, and she was right.I really love dark, and sexy and this was both.At first I was a bit confused but K. told me to just slowly read it and it would make sense and just taking my time to read this short story made all the difference.She was right, it has the darkness that I crave, and the sex that I crave more LOL, single mom here after all.I would recommend this story to anybody, if you liked that horrible book 50 shades of grey you will love this!!! This is well written and when K. told me that the writers first language was not English I could not believe it!I totally know K.'s taste and when she gives something 5 stars her friends know to check it out, she is the most critical person on the face of this Earth! She gives her own work 1 star, (of course I go in and change it to the 4-5 stars she deserves)Now take not only my recommendation, but K.'s and everybody else who rated this 5 stars! They know what they are talking about!I love this short story!Excuse me while I go to Barnes and Noble and buy the rest of this fabulous Author's work.Tootles ~Suzanna

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