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In the Shadow of Mount Rotten

PDF A Goblin Is You!
A crafty Foot Goblin, maybe, or a vicious Warg Rider. Or a town-building Hearth Orc or a Troll Driver or a lowly Saltjack or a Goblin Eater Hob.

This complete sourcebook turns roleplayers into Rotlanders: goblins, orcs, or hobgoblins striving for fame and survival in the harsh lands beyond human realms. Simple rules cover everything from Reputation and ransom, to warfare and Spirit Encounters, to hunting and skinning, to fully-stocked trade caravans and the annual Revel that breaks all the rules.

With three new character classes, eight different tribe types, and vast new territories to explore, In the Shadow of Mount Rotten gives you everything you need for adventures of a very different kind.

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