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The Whistler-Old Time Radio

PDF While the shadows are lonely - a place where both lost and lethal souls withdraw into the solitude of their own minds - there is one who knows that they are not deserted. Into this dark and murky realm there is one who can see with cutting clarity? The Whistler!

When those who willingly put a first foot on a slippery slope, and then a second, The Whistler knows how such travels go, and how such journeys must end. At every treacherous step, the sly scorn of this circumspect counselor will whisper in their ear - urging them on? toward their undoing!

Once again, these 18 digitally restored and remastered episodes are available from the Radio Spirits Archives Collection.

EPISODES INCLUDE: The Man Who Died Twice 09-24-45, Death Laughs Last 10-08-45, The House on Sycamore Road 10-15-45, Final Return 10-29-45, Harvest of Death 11-05-45, The Seeing Eye 11-12-45, Coincidence 11-19-45, The Stray Dream 11-26-45, The Sheriff's Assistant 04-07-47, Stormy Weather 12-12-48, Telltale Brand 01-09-49, The Last Curtain 02-13-49, Murder in Mind 04-16-50, Return with the Spray 04-23-50, The Return 05-21-50, Rebound 06-11-50, Jessica 06-18-50, Manhunt 06-25-50

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