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Sweet Caress (Kinross Triad, #2)

PDF Charity Webber, a RN and identical triplet, witnesses a murder attempt one night while doing rounds during her shift at Lincoln General Hospital. When someone targets her later that morning, it doesn't take a genius to realize her life is in trouble along with her lookalike sisters. To stay alive, all three must go into hiding.

Alastair and Connor McTavish have been charged by their clan leader, their Alpha, to find the Tree of Life. Without it, their people will die out. When they run into Charity Webber, their Tu braith, they'll do what they must to protect her from the men determined to kill her for what she's seen. That's only half their battle because they must somehow convince her that men can turn into Jaguars for they both sense she is their mate and they have every intention of keeping her.

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