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Customer Satisfaction Is Worthless Customer Loyalty Is Priceless

PDF I read this book as part of working towards a promotion within my company. While the style of the book was great (story telling, large font, tons of examples), the only conclusion I kept coming to was that Gitomer was a spoiled brat that stamped his foot when something didn't go his way until someone made it right. That is NOT how you get "good customer service". As much as I understand my job is to help and assist you when there is a problem, I will not put up with your temper tantrum. Grow up. Gitomer also only seemed to view "good customer service" as when he was being given something free, such as the limo that picked him and his wife up at the airport with complimentary champagne and strawberries in the backseat. Was that extremely courteous of the hotel to do? YES. Would it have ruined your vacation had they not provided you with something? NO. To a real person in the every day world, that is not the case. While I did find several take aways from the novel that I can provide to my colleagues, Gitomer as a person ruined this concept of a novel for me.

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