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Onyx Moon (1Night Stand, #59; Prides of the Moon, #4)

PDF Marcus Galin has searched the world for a very special kind of werepuma, a Beta who has also been blessed by the Goddess as a shaman. His prayers are finally answered when Madame Eve of the 1 Night Stand matchmaking service arranges for him to meet a man in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica that fits his requirements. Only problem is that Marcus is terrified of magic and doesn't know if he can overcome his fear enough to open his heart to a stranger that his pride and his heart desperately need.

Vashan Dulphin has spent all of his life as an outcast among his people. By a twist of fate and gentics at puberty he became a werejaguar much to his family and pride's disgust. Since then he has lived in solitude among his people, barely tolerated only because of his power as both a Beta and a shaman. Desperate for a chance to find a home where he will be loved, he calls on the aid of Madame Eve who sends him Marcus.

Together the men will have to overcome their fear and self-doubt for a one in a million chance at love.

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