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The Singing Ringing Tree

PDF THE SINGING RINGING TREE, like many other fairy tales, has been embellished by generations of imaginative storytellers and writers.In this sensitive retelling, the atmosphere of mystery and magic remains: a Prince, arriving at the palace to claim the hand of a beautiful Princess, finds her to be spoiled and selfish.She scorns his gifts and demands the apparently impossible task - that he bring her the Singing Ringing Tree.The Tree is prized not only for its shimmering beauty but because its leaves ring like a thousand silver bells for those with love in their hearts.But the Tree has an evil guardian who will relinquish it on only one condition: that if the Princess refuses to marry the Prince they must both return to the evil guardian and spend the rest of their lives in his power.The outcome of the dangerous quest is as startling as it is satisfying, firmly placing this story in the tradition of the world's great fairy tales.

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