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VB .NET Language in a Nutshell

PDF The extensive changes to Visual Basic and the newness of the .NET platform call for a VB .NET reference guide oriented toward professional developers—those deeply experienced in Visual Basic and those adding VB .NET to their list of mastered languages. VB .NET Language in a Nutshell answers the call. As a reference book, it doesn't waste space on simple concepts, but documents, using practical examples, how language elements work, alternative approaches, optimal usage, and potential pitfalls.

As a quick introduction, the first section of VB .NET Language in a Nutshell leads you through the important areas of programming VB .NET, including:

Variables and Data Types Introduction to Object Oriented Programming The .NET Framework: General Concepts The .NET Framework Class Library Delegates and Events Error Handling
The meat of the book is the alphabetical reference to the functions, statements, directives, objects, and object members that make up the VB .NET language. As an experienced developer, you can quickly get the whole story on a language element that interests you or seems to be behaving unexpectedly in your code. To ease your transition to .NET, there's a "VB .NET/VB 6 Differences" section for each language element.

A hefty appendix section includes:

What's New and Different in VB .NET Language Elements by category Operators Constants and Enumerations The VB .NET Command Line Compiler VB 6 Language Elements Not Supported by VB .NET No matter how much experience you have programming with VB, this is the kind of book you'll want to have close by, both as your standard reference guide and as a tool for troubleshooting and identifying programming problems.

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