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The Extinction Club

PDF Blood spilled in the Laurentian forests of Quebec has left a stain, and it's spreading. The mountain lion, red wine caribou, bald eagle, wolf and wolverine have already been wiped out, or nearly, and now hunters are turning their attention to the lucrative-and illegal- black bear market. Enter Nile Nightingale, a troubled man on the run who arrives in search of a rustic refuge. He thinks he's found it in the form of a run-down country church for sale. But his idyllic new world is turned upside down when he stumbles upon a ghastly find: a bleeding burlap sack, bound with a Christmas ribbon. Inside is the slashed and beaten body of fourteen-year-old Celeste Jonqueres...Inspired by true events, The Extinction Club is a powerful and moving portrayal of wildlife plunder and of those who dare to oppose it. It is also a darkly comic tale, in which the very urban Nile and the country0smart, near-genius Celeste teach each other about life and death, love and loss.

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