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Victoria an intimate biography

PDF At times, this book lagged on a bit more than I would like, but given the subject matter (i.e. a 60+ year reign), perhaps that was inevitable. I sometimes felt sympathy for the subject was a bit lacking and that names were being called without much evidence as to why they should be. I am willing to believe claims the Queen was demanding and histronic, and that such behavior strained not only her authority over the nation, but also her personal relationships...but I would like to see more accounts of her actual behavior as opposed to criticism without description.

On the other hand, about the time I got tired of both Victoria as a subject and Weintraub as a biographer, one of Victoria's shining moments (usually related to the Britain at war) would emerge to make both far more interesting. I think perhaps a book that focuses on this aspect of her reign while less true to the overall subject might make for more enjoyable reading.

This book also convinced me that of the royal pair, Albert is far less visible and far more interesting as both a biographical subject and a ruler. I have a bit of a feeling that he may well be an unsung national treasure, in spite of the tedium of Victoria constantly forwarding him as such.

I also learned that anyone reading a lengthy history of the monarchy is prone to Merck Manual Disorder. There are a LOT of unpleasant diseases to be gone through in little time. That will probably be the impression of this book that lingers with me longest, unfortunately.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this book was an excellent source of insight not only into the history of Great Britain in general and England in particular, but into the history of European monarchy as a whole. It shed new and unexpected light over the first and second World Wars and the relations between nations. That is why this book will remain on my shelves as a resource in spite of the unlikelihood it will be reached for during hours of leisure.

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