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Nuermer's Last Witch


She controls the Elements, but he controls her heart.

Book One of The Chronicles of Nuermar.

Nuermar’s history is whittled in ruins, its prophecy carved in stone. Maelis, child of the Prophecies, is the last of her kind — a green-eyed witch, and the only one whom the stones of Nuermar say can channel the Elements. She alone has the power to vanquish the evil that reigns over her land. But without the greatest element of all, she has no hope of winning such an impossible battle.

A turncoat-assassin holds the key to her ultimate triumph. Yet the destruction of her village and the brutal slaughter of Maelis’ family lies on Joran’s hands. Can she overcome her hatred in order to fulfill the Prophecies and channel the ultimate Element – Love?

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