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A Ruthless Heart (Quills 2-in-1)

PDF To Catch A Sarah Mallory

Impoverished husband-hunter Kitty Wythenshawe knows what she must achieve by the end of her London Season — marriage to a wealthy gentleman. Only this will save her mother from a life of drudgery. After all, love doesn’t pay the bills. Wealthy landowner Daniel Blackwood is proud to be an industrialist, even if it means he is not quite what the ton expects. As for young ladies like Kitty — who care only for a man’s fortune — well, they just ought not to feel so temptingly irresistible when you kiss them...

The Earl Plays With Fire by Isabelle Goddard

The young Richard Veryan had been heartbroken after unrivalled beauty and childhood friend Christabel Tallis jilted him three weeks before their wedding. Six years later — toughened by adventures overseas — Richard, now a Lord, is very much his own man. But when he and Christabel meet once again, dangerous temptation hangs in the air. Richard sees his chance to teach Christabel a lesson. He’ll prove to her that he can still command her body, mind and soul — then he will be the one to walk away…

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