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Love Me Passionately ...Love Me Tenderly ...

PDF I have always enjoyed preparing and presenting Bible Studies and the congregation has always received them with enthusiasm. Some people joined the church because of them. Some taped them and sent them to their friends in other countries. Recently, one person quoted from some studies I did well over 20 years ago. However, one short series I did was most enthusiastically received. It comprised a series of quotes from the Bible developing the theme of reasons why we should praise God. In turn, each person read a quote aloud. The presence of God increased as the study progressed. There were more positive comments about those studies than any other I have done. Every time I repeated these studies, the results were the same. What I did not realize then was that God was showing me a new way of presenting a Bible Study. Developing this style, I presented some Bible studies to some friends who really enjoyed them and were greatly blessed. So, I decided to put these studies into a book which is written in a style that will involve the reader. The studies were prayerfully prepared to help people receive the Word of God into their lives and develop a greater intimate relationship with the Lord.

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