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The Swan Road

PDF Life in 10th century Norway is a challenge for man and beast. The sea, or the swan road, as it is known, plays a vital part in existence. For Tore Nordahldatr life is a constant struggle as she rages against who she is and who she wishes she could be. When a blood payment is demanded and the chieftain, Hablock Bloodaxe, is gone to sea, chaos ensues as a blood-thirsty rival family takes matters into their own hands. To escape slaughter, Tore must disguise herself as a young man until her brother Ulf can return from sea with Bloodaxe to set matters straight. Things go from bad to worse when Tore takes a sword sacred to the god, Tyr. She appeals to the goddess Sif for protection, but Sif’s bargaining with Tyr dangerously thrusts Tore into the world of men in a way not even she could imagine. Living as Eirik the Silent Graafell, Tore must prove herself worthy of the sword through battle to escape Tyr’s wrath. Even if Tore can fulfill her bargain with the gods, dealing with Ulf will be another challenge as he is dead-set on vengeance no matter who gets in his way.

Angeline Hawkes’s novel, The Swan Road, “introduces the reader to interesting, well-developed characters who live and breathe in the land of the Norse amid gods and goddesses, seaborne raids, blood, bones and births.” —Renaissance Magazine

“Innovative fantasy, refreshing realism, and a central character you care about from page one, The Swan Road is a triumph of Viking Age adventure like none you've ever read! Tore Nordahldatr's journey from young womanhood to Viking warriorhood and beyond, protected by the Goddess Sif and her own iron will against the curses of the God Tyr and earthly dangers all too real, is a fantastic saga of epic dimensions you must not miss!”
—C. Dean Andersson, author of I Am Dracula and Warrior Witch, Book One in the Saga of the Warrior Woman Bloodsong

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