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Polymorphic Programming Languages

PDF I don't think a reader in 2012 is going to get much out of this book. I hate to be too hard on a book that's 30 years old but a modern reader is already going to be familiar with many of the reasons laid out for _why_ you would want polymorphism in your language and won't be able to implement polymorphism based on the examples in this book.

One thing I really disliked about this book is how many tangents the author went on.

Here's an example, from page 213:

One further feature of the [von Neumann architecture] is the 'von Neumann Bottleneck' created by its inherently sequential nature. For POLY, which supports side-effects via an updatable store, this is no great concern, but in general this is perhaps the greatest defect of the architecture. However, we shall not go further into this here.

Why is this a great defect? What are the trade-offs? Why even mention this? I averaged one tangentially half-baked paragraph per page.

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