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PDF Released to coincide with the premiere of the new cartoon show, this book series is sure to grab young readers.In a high school chemistry class, five students ranging from the "too cool" football linebacker, to the twelve-year-old genius, to the always perky and popular beauty queen, are "gooped". This "latex experiment gone awry" transforms these ordinary and very human teens, with all their personality traits and attitudes, into Balloonatiks

Each with his or her own special powers and comic foibles, these kids turned super heroes must learn to get along with each other. Only by combining their talents and setting aside their differences (along with some good-natured teasing), can they hope to both find a way to transform back to their human selves and defeat the dark forces stirring in their hometown of Hot Air City.

The Zapper is loose and turning Hot Air City into an electric disaster Only Sparky, doubting her role as a Balloonatik, can save the city from short-circuiting. But can she believe in herself enough to challenge him in the skies over town? As the sky lights up in an electrical display of wizardry, she'll learn the answer, along with her friends .

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