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Backburn (Fighting Fire #3) (Fighting Fire #3) (Pulp Friction 2014 #9)

PDF **This book is part of the Pulp Friction 2014 Collection**

Scott refuses to accept his mistake dealt a final blow to his troubled relationship with Rob, so he’s working hard to finish the apartment he plans for them to share. With odd occurrences of vandalism, a poacher, and an increasingly active inner demon named PTSD, he has plenty to keep him busy while he waits for Robby to come around.

Rob is working a lot of overtime in order to qualify for a new position as a wildland firefighter—a minor detail he decides to withhold in light of Scott’s frequent nightmares. Of course there are a couple of other details Scott has a right to know about—if only Robby hasn’t left things too late.

Just as one man discovers his truth—the other realizes everything he’s believed is a lie. One is certain they can work things out—the other knows why they can’t. Only one of them can be right.

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